Why is my dog eating grass?

My dog is eating grass! Is it harmful?

Dog owners love their loyal pet friends and consider them family. It can bother them a lot if they ever find them behaving in a manner contrary to their usual etiquettes and eating grass is not what a dog is expected to do. This is also strange because we spend money to feed our dogs with dog food and still they go to a garden and munch on grass. It is needless to say that the behavior can be unusual for many a dog owners and especially so for those whose dogs have never or rarely shown it before. You might ask yourself “ why is my dog eating grass? “Nonetheless, you shouldn’t really get worried because it is a common phenomenon and not exactly harmful. So, why do dogs do it? We will discuss it why your dog might be behaving the way she is.why is my dog eating grass

Why is my dog eating grass? Here are the common reasons:

  • The dog might be using grass as a nutrition supplement.
    • Grass contains fiber and many dog owners have observed that their dogs stopped eating grass when they started feeding their furry friends high fiber dog food.
    • It is also a good idea to introduce some kind of salad in their daily food. This will provide them with necessary fiber which will suppress their need to consume grass.
    • The grass also contains folic acid which is an essential vitamin for dogs.
  • The dog might seeking relief from an upset stomach.
    • Grass is rich in fiber and when consumed in large quantities, especially without chewing first, can cause a dog to throw up.
    • The act of vomiting can help the dog clear his system of impurities and contaminants that might be irritating his digestive tract.
  • The dog might like the taste of grass.
    • Dogs, unlike cats, are not carnivores and would look for food anywhere they can find.
    • It is highly probable that your dog simply likes to eat grass and that’s why it keeps munching on the green blades whenever he finds the chance to.
    • As long as the grass your dog is eating is not treated with chemicals, there is no harm in allowing him to keep his taste for the plant.
  • The dog might be bored.
    • It is a very common behavior observed in dogs who are bored.
    • If your dog does not know what to do with his time, he can start chewing on grass blades just to pass time.
    • You should look into your dog’s schedule and check if he is getting enough physical and mental exercise.
    • Play with your dog more often and don’t let him get lazy or this can have many adverse effects later.

If you still don’t know why your dog might be eating grass, you can choose to ignore it as a common behavior observed in many dogs. As long as the dog is not eating grass which has been treated with chemicals like fertilizers and insecticides.